Some celtics runes

What is runes Reading?

Runes reading is an ancient clairvoyance tool used by old celts 1700 years ago. We usually know runes as a suite of stones with some symbols engraved on it. But the most important is the Futhark alphabet because it allows us to read the future.

Futhark Alphabet

No matter where we write these letters. Wood, glass, stone, the post important is to know the signification of these letters because they give us our predictions. Reading the future is usually the capacity to make some interpretations of something and Futhark alphabet or runic alphabet is one of that things.

To interpret runes we need to know this alphabet which comes from the old celts. Lot of people think it comes from the druids, the old gallic priests but not. Druids were significant people in their community but they were not really psychic readers. They had the charge of administering justice and could also be doctors.

How to read it?

First we can tell the reader that there is no need to have some psychic abilities to read the future we runes. Because it is a support wich can be used by anyone, it should be easy to use but not because the most difficult is to make the right interpretation of the result.
In order to do that we have to learn the meaning of each letter or to use some tools to help us in our quest.

The right tool

Runesoracle provides all you need to make your own runes reading. Spreads, alphabet interpretation, all you need for an accurate reading.

Start runes reading

The best way to learn is to do it yourself! The best way to get some answers about the future is to draw runes and get their meaning immediately here for free. Yes, here no need credit card, this spread is given to you for free.

Clairvoyance can be used as entertainment, some people would use it to drive their life but we don’t recommend that because reader as to keep in mind that nothing is 100% sure and no clairvoyance is sure in this world. But it is always interesting to think different, to open our mind to other possibilities and to get a kind of exterior view on importants topics. Love or work, children or even pets can be important topics which can find answers in runes reading.