Vedic horoscope

What about Vedic astrology?

India is certainly one of the most horoscope addicted in the world. They ask astrologer before marriage but not only for that, they are a lot to consult for business and even to know if crops will be good. Right now astrology is still more than popular in India. We can find the roots of it in the old Vedic mythology even if things as changed since old times.

From Vedic to western astrology

If indian astrology comes from the roots of Sanskrit and if there is no relationship between western and Indian astrology, it seems that now the two are used in India.

The Jyotisa is the real origin of this and we are always surprised to see that in the beginning there was no planet involved in this clairvoyance, there was use of the calendar but with time and maybe the contact with other civilisations, the Hellenistic horoscope was introduced in India.

Now, there are two kinds of horoscopes in India, the first one is the Vedic horoscope and the second one, the western horoscope, which is getting more and more popular today and maybe more than the first one especially with the new generation.

How does it works?

There are a lot of astrologers in India, a lot of them have their own way to predict the future and it is not really easy to understand because it seems that a lot of them doesn’t really know what they do…

But normally it should be based on the calendar, it is a mix of Vedic and Hindu culture wish tries to predict the best moment to do things, sometimes to predict the future but as other horoscope it is more a way to know if there will be good omen or not.

The introduction of western Astrology

The internet is certainly at the origin of the craze of indians for astrology. More and more of them got a telephone, more of them can surf on the internet to find what they want including horoscope. That’s maybe the reason why all the new connected generation knows his zodiac sign and want to know about his horoscope.

Today we can find a lot of astrologer and the market of psychic reading as never been so huge. That’s the result of the mix between the knowledge of young people on new technologies and the fact that a lot of them understood that there is money to make with old tradition and the keen interest of the people to traditions.

That’s now all the story of india, it represents the perfect mix between what is old and what is new. Of course it is not our work to say if it is good or not.

What to choose?

As always in astrology the most difficult is to find the right astrologer because it is clear that there is nothing more important than. In fact the most difficult is to trust in someone who will ear a lot of our secrets, who will give some advice but all based on a knowledge impossible to measure.
Except the feedbacks we can find on the net, there is no really perfect way to find a good psychic reader. It is true that there are some tricks and we will see that very soon in another article to help the reader to make a choice.