Uruz rune meaning

Uruz, directly connected to mother nature

Runes are Nothing more than letters. If we want to understand their meaning we have to understand that. The second letter is connected to the earth which is very important for the rest of the story.
We will enter now in the world of runic fortune telling.

The second letter of the alphabet

Like two pillars firmly rooted in the ground Uruz is represented by to strong legs wich symbolizes the connection with mother nature. Everything is linked to that. As a bull or Taurus in astrology we can really feel how they are attached to their roots but also to traditions. As a result family and usages are the main ideas of their existence.

What does in means in psychic readings?

It means that those who ask a question about health, surgery, any disease will be happy to pick up this runes which symbolizes more than hope. Normally the one who is headed the draw will not have any problem if he is sick.

If the consultant is a future mom and ask for the future childbirth she don’t have to fear about anything because everything will be alright.

In business

Connected to Earth, the man or the woman who is targeted by Uruz will head toward a traditional work. He will be worker, handy, maybe lawyer or doctor while she will be hairdresser, banker or cooker. We can not find this kind of profile, or with difficulty, in new technologies or startup companies. What is important for them is to work in Something sure, not to take risks.

In love

Family and stability are the most important things. In the future that is what will be searched. They don’t want to collect as much as partners as possible, they want a family for a longterm relationship.

They like children and for them a big family is the ultimate goal. The father will do his best to protect his family and the mother will protect her children like a wolf.

If someone pick up this rune in first position it means that the present is to take care of his family but if he pick this up in obstacle position it means that family will be an obstacle to career success but only if the question is about love. If it is about business it means that the way the consultant sees traditions will be an obstacle for him. Maybe he we have to think in a modern way while he is too old school for that.

Generally speaking

In the future the one who make the draw will go thru a moment of spirituality. He will needs to be alone to go further. However those who will connect to spirituality will have to be carefull to not fall in the extremities and loose there mind. This syndrome is a reality and we must warn the reader against some bad sides of spirituality because some people fall too far in it and if the runes appear in obstacle position that’s what it shows.