Bad Rune Thurisaz

Thurisaz: A bad rune

Yes, Thurisaz is a bad rune which predicts almost only bad things. This letter represents madness, anger, stupidity. In one word it represents hell. Thos who pick up this rune will have to face problems with someone dangerous or maybe even psychopath. We can be sure of one thing: the next month will not be so easy to manage.

Someone dangerous

Most of the time Thurisaz symbolizes someone else who is mad and we usually know who. If the rune symbolizes our own darkside it is here a matter of honesty, we have to accept that a part of ourselves is dark.

When it is someone else, as we saw before, we usually know who it is. It can be someone at work, even sometimes our own boyfriend and the question is therefore how to face it? Usually a boyfriend can be left but at work? We can not live our work so simply.

The rune predicts a bad moment with someone who appeared nice at first sight but who is not. He is in fact excessive, violent, miserable at the same time. If he drunks you should be very careful.

At work

When we see this rune it means that we will have to be carefull of someone stupid and violent. With Eihwaz it means that we will have to face a stupid police officer, a judge, an official nasty and malicious. In front of this kind of person who have power and violence in him at the same time, the only thing to do is to not answer or to face it with a very good lawyer but it is usually a waste of time and money. This true if we are self employed.

If we work for a company it depends. Sometimes it is just a colleage but sometimes it is someone with higher rank position on the company.

When it is a colleague, sometimes just being strong in front of him is the solution but with someone in higher position like a chief for example we have to ask the help of other worker or to be as evil as he is. In order to neutralize this kind of person sometimes the best defence is attack. To attack bad people, sometimes lies, deceit and gossip are the only solution. But it is a dangerous game…

In love

Facing someone violent, liar is impossible most of the time. To protect ourselves we have to make a decision and as fast as possible. The only exit is usually to break up with this bad person because we think that we can change him or her but this never happen.

It is impossible to cure someone like that because it is not a disease, it is a state of being.

Be careful to not stand idly because it would get worst. With That kind of people the faster we move, the faster we feel better because it is really Dangerous for our own health to be someone’s bad victim.

generally speaking this rune shows us that it is vital to move, if we do not, the situation will get worst. Nothing happens by itself, miracles exists only in dreams…