Sowilaz Meanings

Sowilo gives you some light

talking about the future is always Something wird because there are two points of views: one says that nothing is sure at 100% and other says future is written by god, we can not do anything against that.
But even if Nothing is sure, we use clairvoyance in order to try to know more about the written part of our future, if there is a possibility to know, why not trying? That is why we are using tools: Tarot cards, runes, horoscope, everything wich can be done is done.

What about our rune meaning?

Sowilo has a good and a bad side. This rune means that you will have to face something quickly, speed is the key of this rune, the main point, if you do not react as fast as you can, the situation will be worst and you will get more in trouble. Be carefull, life can be hard sometimes but is always harder when you give up.

The second side of Sowilo is the revenge side. In that point only you and the other runes around knows if you are the one who will take his revenge or if someone is angry with you and will hurt you in the future.
One thing is sure: as we said before don’t wait too much before to react, you have to do what you have to do fastly.

In love

Are you jealous? Is someone spinning around your partner or are you single?

If you are single you will have to move before your lover goes away.

If you are in couple you will find someone nice around you but be careful, this person is maybe not as nice as she seems to be. You will have to face someone who want to pull down your couple or you will want to take your revenge and pull down the couple of someone else. You are the only one who have the answer to this question.

At work

Be careful because if you wait too much others will go faster than you and you will lose your space. At work, now, time is crucial, that is a problem in our societies but that is the reality…

if someone is bad at work it is time to shoot down his Dreams, the waste your time talking about things, just do what you have to do.