Wunjo complet meanings

Rune reading with Wunjo

Rune reading is getting more and more popular and when we see how accurate it is, it dos not surprise anyone. It is true that this Celtic tool is good and getting more and more popular in a world leaded by astrology and asian clairvoyance.
When we talk about psychic reading, we always find some tool from other culture. Even if muslims do not have real popular tool as this one, they use plumber clairvoyance for example which is very dangerous, most of the Tools come from Asia as for example  numerology, I-ching reading or Yin and yang reading.
It is true that France has produced Tarot of Marseille which is very popular all over the world but western Europe gave us Rune Oracle and that is a great tool. Now we will talk about one of the letter of the futhark Alphabet: Wunjo.

There is no happiness?

If this is the message of one song, it is not the message of Wunjo. No, this rune is very positive, it means joy and happiness.

When this rune is picked up in a group of twenty two we can be happy because we can be sure that the future will be bright without dark clouds. Where does this joy comes from? We can look at the runes around but usually it is just simple joy, this feeling we have when we feel good, relax. It is true that it can come after the end of a problem, it can comes after breaking up with a bad man but we have to keep in mind that Wunjo means pure joy.

It is true that we are used to live in a world where news, tv makes more us anxious than happy but sometimes in the desert there are some oasis which are synonym of pure happiness.

In love

Wunjo means that we will be happy in ourself so it means that maybe we will be happy in couple but also if we are single. This is very important to understand that if we are living Something it does not mean that people around will live this the same feeling. So we have o keep this in mind.

If we are single it will also suggest that we will take time for ourself, to do some things we are not used to do because we where not allowed to do it or because in couple we would not have time.

Joy means also for some readers that we will be happy with children and if it is not false it goes too far because Wunjo really means a kind of self joy, just a good feeling.

At work

Doing a work we like is source of happiness and being able to earn money while going to work at the same time. But again it is sometimes making a mistake to say that. Because Wunjo tells us that even if we are doing a stupid job we and be happy and will be happy because we will be above, we will be strong enough to not care about this.

Generally speaking

With this last idea we just saw something totally true: When we talk about joy it is also the ability to be happy in all kind of situation. Sometimes god bless us and gives us the ability to be always happy because we are above everything. Like a monk, like a wisdom old man, this is Something we can have with time, Something wich is possible only when we get peace of mind. This peace of mind can be cultivated with spirituality, mediation, by trying to understand the world and ourself.