raidho signification

Raido, not an answer: a question

Raido has a special status in runology, this letter ask more than it answers. The principle of things needs to be understood, this is not simple but Raidho invite the traveler to a long journey into spirituality and maybe to find the truth on everything. But Raido is a lot more than that and that is what we will now find out here.

A lot of questions

Sometimes we realize that there is a possibility that everything we learnt was false. Not everything but the most important dogmas, those we were blindly following untill now. There is a moment when everything seems to be wrong, when everything seems to be like a gigantic lie. In that moment we have just one idea in mind: to discover the truth. That quest usually results in a moment of trouble because we understand that we don’t understand and once passed this time, some solution can appear. For that we usually need to travel and that is the first message of the rune:

We will travel to open our mind, to try to discover the truth.

At work

In order to find what we are searching for we will have to move and communicate. Communication is the key of success and it is not possible to talk with anyone without moving. We have to not think about the social networks, one day we will have to move to another place to exchange with real person and to touch some real objects.

If we are unemployed we still have to think in moving in order to find a job, there is a lot of chance that will be the key, or the only way to escape this situation.

There is no good travel without a good map. In order to succeed we will need a schedule, the key of success is preparing. Something common to each great person is her ability to see above the horizon.

In love

To trust the first one who enter in our life is a dangerous game because to many men are sweet talkers that is why one day we can have some questions to ask and if the answer is not beautiful it is the apocalypse.

So this rune in first position means that we are not going to fast and asking the right questions. If it is in obstacle it means that we are not in the right way, we trust when we should not.

In the last position, in answer, it means that we will be wisdom enough to distinguish the right from the wrong. 

So Raidho also shows us that there is no gain without pain and not gain without a prior reflexion. As we said before we have to look beyond to horizon to anticipate what is coming, to know our way is very important in life.
Before to make big décisions we sometimes need to forget about the past and sometimes that is the big decision of our life. That is something happen to a lot of people on earth, maybe that os what we call life but not all understand that, not all are smart enough to see as far enough to understand that.