Perthro: you will have to proove who you are

As we know rune meaning is the key of success in psychic reading, that is why we have to be very carefull in what we will say now. Celtic alphabet, futhark, is the key to read the future properly. So now we will have a look on one of them, Perthro, one rune which gives some good news about future.

What you will have to do in the future

Perthro announces some exams, you will have to prove that you are able to do something. It can be exam for school but it can be also some test for an insurance or a job. Normally everything should be fine except if you are picking some bad cards around.

In love

You will want to show that you are straight or a good person. This stone usually comes at the beginning of a relationship. When we with someone new we want to show the best side of ourselves and that is when this rune comes from.

If you are in a relationship for a long term already it means that you made a mistake, you will have to pass your test in order to get the trust back from your soul mate.

At work

Something is changing in your company if you already have a job you will have to prove that you can stay in the team, if not you will be fired…

If you are searching for one work, good news you will get one but you will have to show that you can do it.

After a training period or some test you will be hired, if the runes around are positive…