Naudiz meanings

Naudiz or Naudhuiz, what does it means?

This reading represents a very good tool which gives a lot of information on our future and more if we know how to read it, we can find a lot more than in a simple Entertainment because it usually makes us think and understand things about ourselves or other people. In one word this Entertainment can make us see clear the Truth if we are open enough. The thing is we usually go too fast in the readings except when we ask a psychic reading by phone so it is always good to get as much details as possible and for that we need detailed meanings and also we have to take our time to read it. So in order to get good answer we will have a deep look at the futhark alphabet wich represents all in this art. Fortune telling can be easier than we think when we have all the datas and that is what we like to collect here.

A lot of things to do

You are now in a moment when you know that there is a lot of work. All is coming, like the bills, the daily things and yes, you have to use your brain to organize everything. But in the same time you want a perfect Relationship with someone ore with your boyfriend, you want to reach your goals and it is not always easy. Naudhiz tells us that everything as to be done.

Yes Naudhiz means “needs” in the Futhark alphabet so when we find this rune it means that you are now close to the dead end and nothing else can be done than facing the our duty.

In love

Relationship is never easy to manage but running away, skip all the important issues does not leads to happiness it leads to problems. There are always some things wich doesn’t work well in the couple or always some details we try to ignore but in the end we all have to make one decision.

If you are single, we have to make the decision to make someone right now because time is going so fast and it will be harder to find someone.
The more you wait, the more you get stuck in your bubble and the more it will be to extract yourself from it. Make a decision, move even if you fall down, you will get up after but it is time to move.

If you just met someone, it is also time to make a decision because things will not change by themselves. The Truth is that only when we lead our life, only we see some change because we make or dream comes true, Dreams does not fall down from the sky.

If you are in relationship, you will need to do Something. Maybe you will not be happy but sometimes some hard decisions have to be made as for example to break-up or to decide to move to another place.
You will get more information by reading the other runes of the spread but you usually know what it the topic of the reading because when you make your own psychic reading it is usually with one targeted idea.

At work

We all know that it is difficult to predict the future, we would like to know accurately but it is hard that is why when we create a business it is hard to make the right decision. But at work you will have to make a choice.

If you are employee, you will have to choose between to stay or to go. If you want to reach your goal there is no choice: you will have to do what your boss asks you to do or you will have to find another work.

If you are searching for a job you will have to accept Something you do not really want to do but tha’s life, you can not always get what you want. You can tell you that you will find Something better after…

Generaly speaking

If you are talking in general or if no rune about love or work comes out in the spread it means that now it is too late or not possible to runaway. You will have to do Something, to make a decision and maybe you will not like that but you will have no choice.