Living together

Meanings of Gebo, a gift for a lot of people

Gebo is a very good rune, it usually announces good news to us. If we are single, if we are in couple, everything is alright in love and Relationship. But as we know life is not so easy and it would be too simple to stop here. No, life is not so easy and so is runes reading that is why we have to develop our idea and see further more for the meaning of this rune.
Futhark alphabet is so old that is why it is not easy sometimes to apply some old ideas to new world. Yes, the world has changed, we don’t have today to go to every week to confess our sins, or not everyone…
Today being with someone of the same gender is getting more and more common even if there are some old style people to be choked by that. So is rune oracle, it has to be adapted at our time, that’s why Gebo signification has changed too and that’s what we will see right now.

What does it means?

When we do runes readings we usually fear to pick up the wrong one, the negative stone which will sounds bad and gives us bad news? But it is not the case with Gebo because it means good news in a lot of topics especially love.

Gebo is the perfect rune for those who are single and are seeking love because it means that those who will meet someone new will match immediately.

Those we are in couple will talk the same language and will be really happy together.

Things can be wrong sometimes

surrounded by bad runes, it can predict a bad future. It can even be the end of the Relationship usually it is the bad meeting.
It can be in some cases the man who meet the girl with who he will have an affair, in other cases it can be the woman wo have a date with someone who will cheat her.

But we remember that we were talking of the evolution of the world. The world is changing and people are changing too. According to some old people homosexuality is a sin but for modern people it is not.

So Gebo is a good rune even for gay and lesbian people, it shows that they will be themselves in front of the society and will be happy together. To find someone who really match is not easy and Gebo announces that.

So as we can see, things can be wrong but with bad people. Only people makes bad things but  those who are in couple, those who are together will be a very good team, they will be strong and happy together.