Good social life

Kaunan or Kenaz: Don’t be alone!

There is something important in runes reading, this is the fact that we all know that there is something to read in the runes but it is not always easy to know what is this signification. When we are questioning ourself we always want accurate and quick answers but it is not always easy, except when we use some tools as the one we can find here in our website because here it is possible to get quick and surprisingly accurate answers.

But let’s go back to our topic: Kaunan Rune. This is not a famous comic character nor a super hero, Kaunan or Kena is a letter coming from the runic alphabet. This letter can give us a lot of informations about our love life. Interesting mostly for those who are single, Kenaz in not only accurate for that, it is also for another topic linked to our social life.

Better than social networks

Kenaz represents good news for those who feel lonely. First it means that social life will be good and will bring a lot good vibes.
That is important to have friends or family. Having a social life outside social networks is very important because it make run brain faster, it let us produce some good hormones, in one word it let us be relax. Relax is the key of a good life, being far from stress is perfect for being more than a simple worker who take train every morning to go to a stupid and meaningless work. Being relax also means taking time to be ourselves and take time to live this only life. Being on Earth is a gift and taking time to taste this gift is the first message of this rune.

What about love?

Single people will be happy to see Kenaz in their draw because it means that there are a lot of chances to meet someone in a near future.
This rune symbolize the meeting, not love at first sight bit it gives some information about the way the consultant can meet is love. Here there are a lot of chances that the lover will be introduced to the consultant during a party, a gathering or a moment shared with friends. That’s really the message of this rune, again it shows that staying at home and having just a virtual life or no life at all is not the way to meet people. The only way to meet people is to go out and to have real connection with real people.

The main idea

That is what we want to say about this rune. Every people who do reading always look at the surface of the things but futhark alphabet is deeper that that because it tells us why things happen. Too many people would stop the reading at the first step which is: “you will meet someone”. But the important thing is “how”! How consultant will meet someone, how important social life is and in the end how important life is.

Thinking that life is just working, earning money and pay bills is not the message of this rune and when we know that this alphabet is more than 1500years old we understand that there was some wisdom people who already understood that life was a gift. Being aware of that is a huge step made into happiness.