Jera meanings

Jera has a message for you

When we talk about Jera we know that we are talking about runes. This too let us spread stones and is more than an entertainment for everyone so it is really important to provide the best and accurate meaning as possible.
One good point with all spreading methods like that is the fact that we can manage the reading, chosing cards or stones is a very good point because we can make our own reading wich is not really the case with numerology or astrology, with those things we just look at some external facts.

In a world where there are more and more moral, more and more wars and conflicts, in a world where there are more and more communities looking at themselves, it is a good thing to find something we can use not just for entertainment but also for thinking differently.

Meaning for work

When we are in front of this rune we can smile because it means that we will get payoff soon. After working hard, after waiting so many times, we will at least get what we want.

But what is important, and usually forgotten, is the fact that we can not get anything without work. As we know: No pain, no gain. And that is a point that too many readers forget, there is a problem it that reading if we forget this point because it is the most important to say, if you don’t do anything you will not get anything even if you wait for it for the rest of your life. So that is the message delivered by Jera, the fact that IF you have done something you will harvest, if you did not do anything you will not get anything. Simple but this message is usually forgotten by the readers especially on internet and in psychic readings by phone services.

Meaning for Love

If you are thinking that you will be able to meet someone without going out you are making a big mistake. You can not be in couple without to go out and try to meet people. Love does not falls from the sky.

If you are doing what you can to meet love, you will get what you want, this is happening right now if the rune is in first position on the celtic cross and it will come in the next month if it is in the answer. What you have to keep in mind is the fact that if you have made what you can you will get a result.

General meaning

Don’t go to fast, keep working and you will get results and when you pick up Jera it means that results are coming.
In the ocean there are a lot of drops but if you do not do anything to find the right one you will not find what you are searching for…