Isa rune

Isaz gives some bad news, what are they?

Even if some people ask psychic readers about there future and not about one particular topic, it it better to be honest because in fact we usually ask for Something in particular. That’s why we will talk about this rune in every topic in order to ask all your questions.
That’s always the problem with clairvoyance tools meanings, you can always find small articles or just a short meaning but never a complete signification of each rune. That is the reason why we provides complete meanings because if you want to read you future you will be able to do it easily. What you would like about runes is the fact that you will be able to read your future in a few minutes and answer your questions so fast. If you want to get some answers, just draw it and read the small answer directly or come here to get more details.

How to draw it

Here we like cross readings that’s why it is always interesting to see where does the rune appears in the spread.

If the rune is in first position it means that you are now facing a problem which stops you where you are. Love or work, it does not matter, you are right now living a situation in which you should be moving but you can not. A force is holding you, there is a problem somewhere or with someone.

If Isaz is in second position, obstacle, you will have to face a problem and it will be hard for you to get out of it. Maybe someone will be in the middle of the road and will not let you keep on going.
But be carefull, look carefully the other runes around  because you can be your own obstacle. There are some moments in our lives when we putt all the weight on others shoulders but sometimes we have to face the truth: we are our own obstacle.
Because we are not smart enough to do Something, because we are stubborn or simply because we did not work, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and face the reality.

When Isaz is th answer that is the worst place because it means that you will not move or not be able to move. But the problem is the fact that you will be stuck there for a long moment and that is why this position in the draw this is the worst.

After that there is not a lot of things to say because Isaz means ice, means being stuck in a bad situation but the wall may simply be yourself…