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Importance of trees in Celtic beliefs

When we talk about Celts a lot of legends exists. The celts are an ancient civilization and there are a lot of myths around them but in fact it is a rich culture with a lot of things to learn. This world deeper than what the Hollywood movies shows to us, we can discover, if we take time to dig, a really interesting world. In this civilization, mother nature plays a central role and especially the trees. Let’s go discovering the trees in Celtic civilization.

Sacred trees in Celtic civilization

Oak, Apple, Ash, Hazel, Alder, Elder, Yew are the names of the Celtics sacred trees. They represent a lot and they continued to play an important role long after the beginning of the Christianism. If today these beliefs almost disappeared, it was still strong untill a few centuries.
Now it is more a Folklore than a belief…

But it is still interesting to learn more about this to know more about runes and to understand Celtics fortune telling.

Oak is one of the most important for druids, they even celebrate it in a kind of festival once a year. They like the tree itself but also the flowers which were used in a lot of ways.

Ash was a sacred tree wchic was also not allowed to cut. Imagine Dark agaes in countries where forest are almost disappearing because people needs wood, even it that hard time they refused to cut this tree. It shows how important it was for them.

Apple tree is still very important in Celtic Culture. We can still find traces of this belief in the modern language, especially in Irish with some words like ubhal. It was important for people because it used to produces food and drink. Some magician used to make their wands in that tree.

Hazel is known by dowsers for its power to find sources of water, according to them it as a real connection with water element.
This tree produces some nuts also called nuts of wisdom. It is a symbol that we can find easily all over Ireland.

Alder in the celtic tradition is known to have power of divination because of its connection with beyond and especially dead people. It also as a power which is interesting for work on previous life. Those who want to know more, mediums, druids, know this tree.

Elder is also a sacred tree but it can have a dark side because can be a shelter or spirits or demons. Some witches and magicians were interested by the power of Elder. In contemporary culture it is used in the name of a famous video game which is a mix of heroic fantasy and celtic culture.

Yew. Because of it stays always green, Yew symbolizes immortality. It subject of studies by a lot of magicians who wanted to search the secret of eternal life.

As we can see Celtic culture as a lot of branches, it is a deep and rich culture even if christians tried to make it disappear. As a lot of monotheist religion, Christianism doesn’t like competition but if we travel across Ireland, England, Brittany in France we can see a lot of remains of this period.