Dog and cat reading

How to read pet’s future?

Runes can be used to make a draw which will give you some answers about the possible future of your favorite animal. There is no need to have some psychic abilities, runes will do the job for you. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff!

Why using runes?

That’s a good question because it is true that we can also use tarot reading or even horoscope to know more about our cat’s future. But the point with tarot reading is the fact that it is too easy with it to make our own stories and to move away from the truth. When we talk about our pets we are talking about animals, means a being who can not talk either think like human being. That’s why it is necessary to not make or own stories, to not project in them our own fears and feelings.
That’s why runes are the best thing to read our dog or cat’s future because it is targeted, it is like a railway to answer.

How to use it?

As same as you would do for yourself. You just need to ask a question and push the button.

The most difficult after that is not to read the answer but to know if it really meets your expectations. Because sometimes we putt in our pets some human feelings, that’s what we call anthropomorphism.

So you just think of your concern about it or just about what possibly worries it and you ask your question to the Futhark alphabet. But keep in mind that when you try to understand your dog or cat you have to think simply, don’t try to make long stories because it can  not be applied to pets, their brain is not developed to imagine too complex concepts.

Start runes reading

What kind of questions may I ask?

As we know now, simpler is better so don’t try to know if your cat is in love with another but better try to know if he will have kitten soon.
Same with dogs, it is not possible to know if they will remember that they have brothers and sisters, it is better to ask if they will accept a new animal after years, animal which is, in fact, their siblings.

After that you can ask all type of questions, just need to be aware of the limits of their perception of the reality.

What will be the result?

For them it will not change anything of course but for your animal but it can be important to have an idea of the future. In order to know if they will survive to a disease, if they will feel better after falling on the ground…
Psychic reading for pets is obviously more important for the owner of the animal than for the animal itself.

As a result, you will get an answer targeted to you concerning him so just accept what you get and don’t think too much.