Who am I really?

How to know who I really am?

How many people in the world feel bad without being able to know why they feel so bad?That’s the question we have to answer here because the most important is to start from the right point, the only way to reach our goal: Happiness.

Those who are happy

Even if it is true that a lot of people seems to be happy without being really happy, we have to admit that some people are really happy.

So what is their secret? Is it natural? Did they work on it? Or maybe all of this is out of control? Let’s try to find some answers to these questions.

First we have to look at those who “seems” to be happy. It is interesting to not that they seems to have no problems, they smile, not always but they smile naturally. They can also be smart but it is true that, for some of them, wisdom is not what characterizes them first, we can even say that the happiest people are also the more stupid as if being smart was a the starting point of those who are miserable. Maybe being aware of the world outside is a source of sadness?

But some smart people seems to be really happy so better to search in another direction.

What is being happy?

Being happy is first of all being positive. Yes, have you noticed that a lot of people never see the glass almost empty but always almost full? It is not sure that it is so easy to start from zero but it is certainly possible to work on it.

First tip: Be more positive, stop looking the glass almost empty.

Feeling good is also to feel at home anywhere. It is interesting to notice that those we travel can feel at home anywhere. They are not especially shameless, no, there are themselves even far from their place of birth. This shows us that there is a difference between depressed people and others: depressed people always bring their pain everywhere. Except those who really care of the way others look at them, those people always feel better far from those armful eyes.

Second tip: Work on yourself from home first before considering to move.

Those who are happy don’t really care about people judgement. They seems to don’t really care about how they can be seen by others. They don’t care about the trend but about how they see themselves in the mirror. Yes, the most important for them is their own vision of their image in the mirror.

Third tip: Forget about others. 

Now that we drew up a portrait of the happy man we can now try to answer our first question: How to answer?

The right answer always come after the right question

It is important to move step by step and the first one is to ask the right one. The post important to know ourselves is honesty. It is always hard to talk to others and open up our heart but it is more than we think to be honest with ourselves. The most difficult is to look truly, honestly what we see in the mirror.

The only important question is: Who am I really?

This is the most important and everything dépends on it. And to reach this goal we have to not overlook our own dark side. That’s where everything is, the dark side is our true us, this is what we are. To ignore our dark side, to not wanting to face it, is to hide our true part of ourselves to ourselves.

We are our dark side.