Hagalaz meanings

Hagalaz: problems are comming…

A lot of people are asking for psychic reading when they have some problems. Usually those problems are love issues, concern love topics but sometimes runes are asked just to know. In any case you are, you will have to deal with this rune if you pick it up because Hagalaz has a meaning you can not ignore.
All you need to know about Hagalaz to prepare yourself or face it right now.

Not a good news

If you are spreading a rune reading you really want to get good news but Hagalaz appear and you don’t know what to do. But it happens sometimes, life can not always be a quiet river, mother nature is queen and she commands. Because it is impossible to ignore it, let’s enter to the cross reading spread and let see how we can read it to face it well.

So Hagalaz is here, the first question is: Where is it?

If it is the first rune it means that you are already in trouble. It can be at work or at home. At work, obviously it can mean to loose your job but usually it means that you will have some problem with your boss, a colleague or if you are self employed you will just have some problems to pay the bills because the economy is not good.
In all case, you are now facing a problem at work.

If you are asking for love, or if all the runes around talks about love, it means that right now you are going in the wrong way. The man you chose is not the right one, he maybe violent or stupid but he is not the one with who you will die.
If you are single, that just means that it is hard to live but it is possible that other runes give you good news so don’t be stressed.

If Hagalaz is in Obstacle

Of course it means that you will have a hole on the road but maybe the answer is such good that there will just be a hole on the road of success so again don’t stress too much and look at the answer. But it is true that in obstacle position it will be a problem that you will have to face, if not you will be blocked until it as been solved.

If hagalaz is in top position

It  means there will be a small trouble on your way but usually easy to overtake. So don’t be afraid, except death and taxes nothing is sure at 100%.

In answer

That is more difficult, because here it really means that the answer is trouble. It means that you can be stuck for long time in it.
When you see this rune on last position you can stress more than what we saw above.

In couple this means that you can be betrayed, even sometimes the end of the relationship but unfortunately it means a situation that will keep it time so wake up! The only way to feel better is to be aware of the situation and to go out of it or face it right now.

At work it is unfortunately same. Maybe this is not your fault, maybe it is just the economy but one thing is sure: you will have to make a decision, if not you will collapse too.

What to do?

It is easier to say than to do but in that case you will have to do your best to be positive? Keep your distances with bad people and look at the whole problem, don’t stay focused on one small part or on what someone tells you, just use your brain and be strong.