Free Runes Reading

Welcome in you rune reading page. Making some predictions with runes has ever been so easy and so accurate as here. You can now answer all your questions in a few seconds just by clicking on the runes below.

Thor’s cross: the best way to draw runes

Easy to use for everyone even without any psychic gift, cross reading is the best way to start in clairvoyance.
It show in first position the present situation and the second shows which hinders the realization of the project.
On top you can see what will be the passage between the present and the answer.

With this layout it is easy to spread runes and the meanings will appear in the and of the draw. Totally free, you can do as much draws as you want.


Start your reading by clicking on each rune below:



What can I ask?

Everything can be asked to runes, they can answer all types of questions. With the help of the Futhark alphabet you can an external view on Love matter but also about work and as many others topics as you want. There is no limit to celtic reading.

Is this accurate?

Yes, it is but always keep in mind that Nothing is sure at 100%!

Where does it comes from?

Celtics runes are always considered as a druidic psychic reading but not, it is more something coming from popular community and the most important is not the stones or the pieces of wood where the letters are drawn but the Futhark itself.

The most important as always in clairvoyance is to understand the meaning of the sign and here there is something special: The signs are simply letters. This makes the process more accurate because it is more difficult in that way to go let imagination produce the answer. Here, everything is clear and easy.