runes signification Algiz

Elhaz or algiz means something not clear

When we talk about reading we have to know that everything is not so easy because to know the meaning of futhark alphabet is not so simple to find and learn. Compared to others deck like tarot cards, runes are a little bit more hard to learn but when we know it, it is a lot more interesting because it is accurate.
After a few times you will see that reading your future with runes is not just interesting, it is also more accurate than what a lot of clairvoyant can tell you.

What this rune says to you

This runes tells you that there is a possibility for something to happen. It says “maybe”. But there is something else, it means there will be some help needed from you. Some talk about army but it is a little bit too much but meaning that you will need some help to achieve a project is closer to the reality.

Do not care about what other people can say because the might say things in order to not let you have success, it is better to ask the help of some other people, a group that can help you. It can but a group where you can talk about your problems, a group where you can find the support that you need.

In love

You might have some questions and you will need to talk about it, to find some answers. The help of one group can be good for you in order to have more than just one point of view. When you are a in a bad situation, the best is to ask for help but not only in just one way because sometimes some people around are just bad because they are ignorants, stupid or jealous. But don’t think that you will not have to talk with your partner if you are in couple because you will have to do it.

At work

You might need a team, you can not reach your goal if you work alone. So the best you can do is to work in team, no choice.
If you are searching for a job, answer all questions as quick as possible, don’t stay at home without doing anything it would be the worst to do. If you don’t know Something ask for help, you are not alone, you can do if you know who to talk too.