Eihwaz meanings

Eihwaz only gives you bad news…

Everything is easier with runes oracle than with other readings because runes are just an alphabet, nothing more. A lot of mistakes as been made in the past because of draws meanings, because of some interpretations made too fast by people who don’t have enough knowledge. Futhark alphabet is really a good way to practice fortune telling.

When you compare this tool to another one like tarot reading you will see that it is not as glamorous as cards. A sign written in a letter is not very sexy, isn’t it? But when we take time to understand rune reading we see that it is maybe one of the best tool. That is exactly why we made this website: because you want to know about your future and you want something fast, easy to read and accurate. Runes oracle is all that.

What does it means?

When you pick-up this rune, when you see it on the draw you start to fear, it sends shivers down your spine. And you are right because Eihwaz announces two bad news: loneliness and prosecution.

At work

You will loose your job in a lot of cases and in the most extreme ones it means that you will lose your work and will get problems in court. Did you made a mistake? Will you make one mistake? You will know it soon in your love or in the draw. Spread runes and look at the draw to know more about this but the less we can say is that the news are bad.

In a world, or some countries where there is no justice, Eihwaz really means bad news especially in USA where it can means jail…

In love

Maybe this is the end of the story, and in fact it is in 99% of cases, but maybe it is just the end of your whole social life, and that is the most usual. When you will break up you will loose more than a boyfriend, you will also lose a lot of your friends. In some cases you will have to go to court to defend yourself or your rights. Be careful, many judges are all except honest.

Generally speaking, this rune means conflict and loneliness. So it means in a lot of cases that after a fight you will be lonely because everyone will leave you. That’s cruel but that’s what happen in a lot of social groups. Humain being is not always a good person…