Rune meaning: Ansuz

Ansuz: One of the most important rune

Ansuz is a special rune because it is directly linked to Odin the most important divinity of the nordic mythology. 
When we talk about this rune, we understand that it gives a real power to a draw where it appears. Those who are searching for spirituality, accurate answers are happy to pick up this rune because it gives weight to the whole draw.

All about spirituality

This rune represents the power of wisdom. If we want to go further we need to think twice before moving, we need to plan and for that, wisdom is the key. In the future the consultant should normally get smart.

Being smart also means being able to think by ourselves. Some people need gurus but those who create big things are usually smart enough to think by themselves but it does not means that we do not need help. In a few word we can tell that it is so unusual to discover a revolutionary idea and make it true without any help. We all need help, it can be someone who gives some advice but it can also be a team that will do some small work while we do the most important things.

At work

This rune shows that we will be able to face everything because will will be smart. Just be careful if the rune is in obstacle position because it says that we will have a lak of knowledge, we will waste time or even fall dawn because of a lak of thinking.

It is always better think before to move.

When this letter of futhark alphabet appear it means that everything should be alright at work as long as we stay aware of what is new.

In love

Those who pick-up this rune will find someone smart if they are single or will get support from someone clever.

But the most important word here is time. Time is the key because we will not be quick but we will take time to move forward step by step. That the secret of those who succeed in their love life: they know how to take time.

In a few word this rune symbolizes wisdom and smartness. It can be represented by our own smartness or it can someone else, someone experienced and who as a real authority in is domain. Some draw will usually show that we will have the ability to drive our life by ourselves or it some other cases it can announces the help of someone who really knows what he is talking about.