Signification of Fehu Rune

All you need to know about Fehu

This is the firt of the draw because it is the first in the Futhark alphabet. In order to know more about life, we need to know more about this alphabet which is the key of this type of fortune telling.
It is before all important to notice that this rune is the first one in the alphabet. We are not going to read all about it here.

The first on the list

We can notice that the rune is the first but it’s first letter is an “F” and neither an “A” nor a “B”.
Fehu symbolizes fire and fertility but most of all it symbolizes money because in the old times it used to mean livestock and those who got a lot were rich. So now again it can predict that the one who pick-up this rune will get the fruits of his work very soon and the payoff will be high.

Being the first is an important symbol for those who want to success. They want to be on top, they want to be seen by everyone from far. This is the other side, maybe the dark side of this rune.

The dark side of the moon

We noticed that fehu is an “F” pointing to the sky. Those who want to grow a business like this rune wich is symbole of success and good position in the social ladder.

But being on top for some people means also walking on the head of others and this is not something we can qualify of good. That is the problem with some successfull people, they don’t really respect others and they owe their success to this dark side.

Another part is their way to be with their families and how they conceive the couple.

Fehu and love

This is not a very good news for women who are searching for a good and straight guy. The truth is the people symbolized by Fehu is that they do not always respect their partner. They like to live fast, they don’t mind to have different sexual partners at the same time and that is the problem for those who fall in love with them and those who want stability and long term relationship.

When we pick up this rune in order to know more about someone we have to be careful because this person can show only is bright side.

What it announces in the future is that you will have to face someone who hide his dark side. If you are searching for a short term relationship, for someone just for the night, so you found the right person but if you are searching for someone really serious in love maybe you should look at it twice.

What it says

Secret as to be revealed, we can not always hide everything to everyone so if you just met someone, keep investigating, keep questioning, that’s the best thing to do because there is for sure something to find. Digging is sometimes hard but it is better to not stop it if we want to not have any bad surprise in the future.